2004 Skoda Fabia Review

Skoda Fabia Review

2004 Skoda Fabia
2004 Skoda Fabia
Seat and Skoda are undoubtedly the most rapidly growing car brands in Europe. The credit for this, of course, belongs to the parent company Volkswagen and especially the policy of unification, which in Wolfsburg lead early in the 90-year ghee. Its rules are simple - new technologies first tested in models of subsidiaries, upgrade and then being applied to the German "prototype". That's what happened with the twins Arosa and Lupo, a little later, Octavia and Golf IV. So timed, depending on the type of "built using ..." slightly confused. As the official version states that Skoda Fabia uses the platform of Volkswagen Polo IV. It remains unclear how this occurs grip provided that the Czech bestseller sold by 1999, and his German "donor" released nearly two years later. Obviously marketing strategists space-time continuum does not really matter, does and who could blame them. Successor Felicia was such a quality and successful model that ultimately no one cares about consistency. Customer and producer was important that Skoda Fabia "slew" competition in almost all European countries with German and Czech ancestry prices. Five years after its debut, "Polo-of Mlada Boleslav it" continues to spend as fresh cakes at Easter. Švejk earthlings to show no less zeal than their German landlords and constantly enrich the range in which everyone is now a thing - hatchback, sedan, wagon, eight petrol and two diesel versions, three trim levels and a lavish number of special performances . International capitalism replace communism? Sure, but so far no complaints heard ... Skoda Fabia successfully landed, and the market for used cars where the compact Czech chances are not bad. In absolute constant technological parameters Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza, Skoda-worth so much less.

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2004 Skoda Fabia 1.4 16V Combi
2004 Skoda Fabia 1.4 16V Combi
Price determined mostly age but the origin of the model seems to say the word. Strange as it may sound, there are still people who believe in Wolfsburg would staked his reputation for the sake of a few hundred euros and would compromises on quality. Yes, Skoda Fabia car is not perfect, and like any other used car requires attention when buying. In structural terms, however, is its compact Skoda Volkswagen, which automatically makes it one of the most suitable alternatives in class. In Teutonic roots of the model sufficiently eloquent everything ranging from design


through to the quality of workmanship. The spacious lounge, neat and clearly dashboard without unnecessary stylistic equilibrist and skillfully selected materials hardly give rise to criticism. Naturally, flaws can be found. For almost two years Skoda Fabia playing the role of guinea pig, which Volkswagen eliminate potential defects future Polo. Among these childhood diseases in statistics stands damaged the air conditioner temperature sensor. Its price is high, but its replacement must be dismantled entire dashboard. For engineering nuisance is also considered the location of the air filter, which provides ventilation. He mires with dirt very quickly and makes the air circulation in the system. If we exclude the entrails of the first two years of production, the construction is a real Skoda Fabia Volkswagen - perfect corrosion protection, high quality varnish and tight fit. It arrives in our latitudes with sufficient preparation. Clearance often is insufficient. Joke can play more like trying to go down backwards from high street as there is no shortage in big cities. If the giant front bumper clipped the curb, it concerns the whole "face" of the Skoda-th. Like all of the cosmopolitan family of Volkswagen, Czech malolitrazhka is privileged to draw with handfuls of huge arsenal of power units that are weapons in Wolfsburg. From the beginning of production most archaic


with the lower camshaft and swept volume 1.4 liters left in the legacy of Felicia, was replaced by the much more modern German bikes with 75 and 100 hp. Fits also the old two-liter VW warrior with 115 horses and recently at least a half motorche smaller volume of Lupo was replaced by a three-cylinder engine with 54 or 63 hp Diesel fans can choose from the simple-SDi (68 hp) or high-tech wonders TDi (100-130 hp), whose properties are well known. It is powerful but extremely efficient turbodiesel considered most suitable for the Fabia alongside the 1.4-liter petrol engine. Their support, however, requires a very responsible attitude, skilled service and quality fuels, which is definitely not a plus in not so good conditions. All motors mounted on the Skoda Fabia, are extremely durable and reliable. For timely service problems are practically excluded. The drawbacks are minor and are removed over time. Many drivers, such as hard with convened dimmer accelerator. In cars the first year of production, it is less pressure hardly. Again from this period are mostly of leaking gaskets and hoses of the cooling system that are likely to overheat. Bating with the standard 5-speed manual


Skoda compact is equipped with a 4-range machine. Chronic disease transmission are unknown, although there were situations in which the car is driven with a little butter unacceptable. Wines level dropping him a ambiguities ventilation gearbox lubricant for which breaks through seals and gaskets. Particularly susceptible to this defect is fifth gear. In this area place bolts, the removal and cleaning problem. The remaining nodes are very simple and reliable. In softer terms, for example, the clutch disc will "seek" pension after 200-250 thousand km.

Skoda Fabia Criticism

2004 Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI Combi
2004 Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI Combi

Skoda Fabia is a very rarely heard. The only exceptions are the bearings in the front hub from which to complain as owners and mechanics. In their native conditions, sometimes life ends at 35 to 45 thousand kilometers. Change together with the hub and not cheap, and even the replacement work is thankless, expensive respectively. Often broken down and the front stabilizer bushings. Replacing them with ones that will plastic elements solves the problem almost forever.

Cars from the first year of the Fabia experiencing some unusual problems for VAG


The most unpleasant of them is damage to the control unit power windows mounted in the driver's door. The defect is due to a purely constructive confusion of thought. The block is located in terminals up and moisture penetrates freely into it. In rare cases "busy" hatch and shoot bulbs, but for chronic diseases is exaggerated to speak of.

So do you have a expirience with Skoda Fabia? What is your opinion?

Debuted Skoda Fabia vRS + and Skoda Octavia vRS +

Skoda Fabia vRS+
Skoda Fabia vRS+

During the show Wörthersee, held in Austria last weekend Skoda unveiled its special stylized models Fabia vRS and Octavia vRS. Sketched by designers Skoda, both cars have special optical packets and interesting color combinations, resulting in the cars themselves are quite distinctive.

In fact Fabia vRS was made specifically for the show. Sporty hatchback has a new aeropaket that includes hood air intakes, front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and a new interior (which make impression racing seats and a variety of sports details).

As before, so now it is not known whether Skoda have changed something in the vehicle dynamics, although the lack of news means rather that there is no modification in this regard. Therefore, the model is still equipped with a 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged petrol engine with 180 hp Torque reaches the front wheels via a seven-speed DSG gearbox with two clutches and the ability to switch on the steering wheel.

Octavia vRS also has a curious shade, a new set spoilers, darker headlights, LED taillights and new interior colors. And here it seems that Skoda have made any changes to the suspension or engine (which has 2-liter TSI with 200 horses).

Otherwise Skoda fans particularly enjoyed the onset of two rally car Fabia Super 2000 in the racing colors.

Skoda Octavia vRS+
Skoda Octavia vRS+

Skoda Fabia Note Monte Carlo Rally

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo
Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rally, Skoda announced plans to introduce the special edition Fabia, named after the legendary race.

This unique model has black accents, smoked headlights, sports suspension and 16-inch alloy wheels. The interior has sport seats, perforated leather steering wheel and aluminum pedals.

Engine options are few. The range starts with the 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 68 hp, while the 1.2-liter TSI comes with a power of 85 hp or 104 hp If you are a fan of diesels, it has a 1.6-liter TDI with an output of 74 hp or 104 hp.

The car will be revealed this month in Monte Carlo - before its public debut in Geneva in March.

Skoda Fabia Surpassed Three Million Cars and Continue Up

3 000 000 Skoda Fabia
3 000 000 Skoda Fabia

Skoda said late last week at the company's complex brand in Mlada Boleslav, was produced representative with serial number 3000000 the blockbuster Fabia. The anniversary model is representative of white modification Fabia GreenLine and is designed for a client in Germany.

From the first generation Skoda Fabia, launched in 1999, were produced 1,778,063 units, while in the second, debuted in 2007, the result is 1211937. Just last year, the model supplies to customers were 267,000 or 16% more than in the previous year, accounting for over 25% of the total sales of the company globally.

Currently, Skoda Fabia is available in Czech Republic, China, Russia and India, and is available for purchase in over 100 countries. One of the most high-tech versions of the model was launched in 2007 version GreenLine. In its current version, with the start / stop system and regenerative braking, Fabia GreenLine is able to travel 100 km by a modest 3.4 liters of diesel. The maximum output of the 1.2-liter TDI engine is 75 horsepower and CO2 emissions are just 89 grams per kilometer.

Skoda Fabia GreenLine could spend only 2.2 per 100 km

Skoda Fabia GreenLine
Skoda Fabia GreenLine

When choosing a new car is crucial what his fuel, but unfortunately almost always specified by the manufacturer are lower and consequently it appears that real consumption is higher.

But there is one person in whose hands the cars consume even less fuel than a water license. This is Austrian Gerhard Platner, whose latest achievement was the passage of the whole 2006 km. with the Skoda Fabia GreenLine and one tank of fuel.

Gerhard has left Austria (as his tank cap was sealed), but having to Denmark and returned back. Moreover, all the way to it traveled independent experts from the organization confirmed record autonomy.

Average fuel consumption, calculated after the trip is only 2.2l/100km. Note that according to official figures 1.2-liter engine with 75 hp, Fabia GreenLine spends an average of 3.4l/100km.

Skoda Fabia GreenLine is equipped with a start / stop system technology for energy recovery from braking, low rolling resistance tires and improved drag coefficient of the air.

Skoda Fabia and Roomster Will now have a new Logo and Typeface of the Brand

New Skoda Logo
New Skoda Logo
Skoda Fabia and Roomster will be a new logo and font of the company from Mlada Boleslav. Additional terms such as TSI or TDI will now also with different letters.

Skoda continues to update its corporate designs Czech brand gradually transferred to him. The new logo appeared for the first time in Citigo, and then presented in the autumn of 2012 Rapid. Fabia and Roomster cars are the next in the series.

The logo is located in several places. Implemented in chrome and black, it is considerably refreshed and modern. The designers have focused on clearing it - contours are precise and have a matte surface. Removed laurel wreath.

Renovation design is part of the overall development program of the brand, which has entered a new phase of two years ago. Skoda plans to increase sales worldwide to 1.5 million vehicles by 2018
New Skoda Typeface
New Skoda Typeface

First details of the new 2014 Skoda Fabia

2014 Skoda Fabia
2014 Skoda Fabia

The current generation of Skoda Fabia enjoys a very good demand both at home and in Europe, according to the Czechs, however, the next generation, which will appear in 2014 or 2015 will become even more popular.

The reasons for this assertion is that the new Fabia will be more practical and functional at the same time will retain its attractive price. According Czechs will further improve the quality of craftsmanship and design.

Still no official information about how it will look new Fabia. The illustrations are circulating the web, and we offer are computer generated images and throw some light on the subject.

What is known is that the new Fabia will be larger than the present, and will increase the dimensions of the car. The cost, as mentioned above, will remain the same. This interesting fact you have explained.

The new Skoda Fabia will make a universal modular platform of VW, bearing Index MQB. On VAG her plans to make a bunch more models, including cars from a variety of Skoda Superb.

That gives reason to maintain low prices while customers get better quality and bigger car. Information on the engine is not much, but one also.

It is known that next generation Fabia will be equipped with the new three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines of Volkswagen, which will have a capacity of about 70 to 120 hp.

Skoda Fabia has undergone a change in its appearance, which affected mainly the front of the car. Vertical lines are replaced by horizontal. Added new color solutions for interior and wheels new models, the interior is modified. For Skoda Fabia reached its maturity. Changes in the design of the interior of the Skoda Fabia car made ​​to look more dynamic and robust. Horizontal line of the bumper along with new grille, revised hood, and a new form of the headlamps and fog lamps are equipped with Daytime running lights function, optical expand the front of the model. Many changes were made to the interior of the Skoda Fabia, which not only increase comfort for passengers, but improve performance and management. The new four-or three-spoke multifunction steering wheel facilitates the management of radio and telephone, and the aesthetics of the interior has been improved thanks to the instrument panel of the Skoda Fabia, which offers new features and a new graphic design.